Specializing in western pleasure performance. 

Latest News...

Congratulations to LeAnn & Lauren Vaughan with Dont Skip Suzy on their

 maiden voyages this spring at the Iowa Show Circuit and The Mayflower,

earning points in Novice Youth WP.

Congratulations to Lisa Merfeld & Hes A Dandy Hotrod earning Amateur

All-Around at the District 6 Quarter Horse Show in Dension, Iowa.

Congratulations to Mitch Adkins and Dont Skip Suzy, Green WP Circuit

 Champion; Lisa Merfeld & Hes A Dandy Hotrod earning Amateur WP and Novice

 Amateur Showmanship Circuit Champion at the Cottonwood Classic in Kansas.

Congratulations to Alicia Andrew & Honey of a Hotrod, placing 2nd; Lisa Merfeld & Hes A Dandy Hotrod placing 3rd; Mitch Adkins & Champagne Moonlite winning the ABRA Junior WP at Color Breed Congress, all raised by the Dean & Marlys Adkins.

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